Who We Are


We're dedicated to providing reliable water access to underserved populations globally and educating the world on sustainable water usage practices.

Our Mission

The mission of The Page Family Foundation, Inc. (“PFF”) is to protect human lives by reducing the risk of severe water crises through strategic deployment of leading water treatment technologies.

PFF seeks to directly address the world’s water crisis in the interest of billions of people who struggle without reliable access to clean, safe drinking water. Solving this crisis is critical to the sustainable future of humanity.

PFF’s fundamental principles align considerably with the United Nations (UN) General Assembly’s sixth Sustainable Development Goal addressing the need for clean, accessible water and sanitary conditions for all. Therefore, PFF's first undertaking to accomplish this profound goal and combating this unimaginable hardship is providing all the refugees of the world, whose lives have been forcibly uprooted by various unfortunate circumstances, clean drinking water as well as clean water for sanitation purposes.

Core Goals

To impact over two (2) billion lives, in over 180 countries within our children’s lifetime.

Provide water purification and desalination technology along with self-sustainable water systems to communities all around the globe. We are devoted to accomplishing the greatest impact in the most efficient manner possible, with our greatest focus being deprived families in many areas of Africa and refugees in the Middle East to ensure clean, safe drinking water and greater sanitary conditions.

Connect and build lasting partnerships with existing non-profit organizations that have a dollar per impact ratio that is respectable to coordinate clean water activities in countries where those partner organizations have experienced personnel on the ground in communities lacking access to clean water.

Develop sustainable and replicable strategies to attack clean water and sanitation access problems that can aid populations in every country where clean water and sanitation access are not universal.

Next Steps

In addition to providing refugees with safe and abundant sources of water, PFF recognizes the immense strain put on developing countries where water is a key factor prohibiting the growth of communities.

In many poverty-stricken areas of Africa, woman and children are required to walk up to 4-hours a day for water; thus, preventing woman from acquiring jobs and children from attending school.

One in five children die from exposure to water-borne diseases in India due to unsanitary conditions.

These drawbacks are detrimental to the successful progression of these underprivileged regions.

PFF is tirelessly working with its partners and technology manufacturers to improve access to clean water and sanitation in communities feeling constraints on their development and well-being brought on by insufficient water resources to truly make a difference in the world.